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Below are news stories of the September 19, 1975 accident, as well as other articles on Sean Patrick George.

Read the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’s Labor Day 2004 feature article on Sean.

People’s Weekly World quoting Sean, May 2004.


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Kintai Bridge

The Kintai Bridge in Iwakuni was originally built in 1673 and its 210 m span was completed without the use of a single nail! It

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Operating out of the finely appointed and very comfortable West Pac Lodge on Camp Foster was like all else during this trip, a real treat.

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Marine Corps Station Iwakuni sits about 600 miles southwest of Tokyo and is home to one half of the 1st Marine Aircraft Wing, and 3rd

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Whether on the factory floor, or the deck of an aircraft carrier, safety in the workplace is the keystone of every successful operation.