Safety Presentations

On September 19, 1975, Sean George was working at a nearly-completed middle school in Imperial, Pennsylvania. While bleeding a gas line, there was an explosion felt a mile away that blew out a 20-foot section of wall and left one worker dead and three others critically injured, including Sean. The photo on the right is the aftermath of the explosion.

After many surgeries and excrutiating rehabilitation, Sean returned to work as a Steamfitter. He now gives safety presentations that capture the attention of the audience through intense emotional appeal and graphic depiction of the aftermath of a catastrophic work accident.

Sean caters his safety presentations to the particular needs of the organization he is addressing.

In his presentations, Sean describes the accident in graphic detail and paints a vivid picture of the impact that it had not just on his life, but on the lives of his family members and friends who were "drawn in without really having a choice." He covers topics from the challenge of coping with the physical pain of substantial full thickness burns and countless surgeries to the emotional challenge of dealing with the death of his work partner and returning to society as a disfigured young man. Though his story is catastrophic, Sean maintains a sense of humor that is infectious and refreshing.

Sean stresses the importance of taking action to prevent workplace accidents, and emphasizes that while safety may be the job of the "safety expert", but it is also each man or woman's personal responsibility. Sean concludes, "We as workers need to make safety a value, not just a priority."