Operation: THINK!

Whether on the factory floor, or the deck of an aircraft carrier, safety in the workplace is the keystone of every successful operation.

In January of 2010 Sean traveled to the islands of Japan to share his message of workplace safety and personal responsibility with the members of the United States Marine Corps, and the civilian support forces stationed there. Many of the Marines Sean spoke to are battle tested individuals, having seen duty in Iraq and Afghanistan, serving as the "Tip of the Spear" in the defense of America. Frequently the men and women in America's armed forces are required to put their personal safety aside while executing their duties, especially in times of war. Delivering a presentation that resonated with these brave souls presented a new challenge for Sean -- a challenge he was grateful for having been given the opportunity to face.

See all of the stories, photos, and updates that Sean posted over the couse of his month long stay with the U.S. Marines in Japan.

Motivational Workplace Safety Presentations

In 1975, a catastrophic workplace explosion left 19-year-old steamfitter Sean Patrick George with burns over 65% of his body, and one of his coworkers dead. 33 years later, he is now dedicated to promoting workplace safety through his intense, personal and highly motivational presentations.

Sean's goal is to provide real-life insight to encourage the audience to reevaluate their beliefs and values on workplace safety. Sean believes that workplace safety is a value--not a priority--and encourages the audience to take an active role in creating and maintaining a vigilent work environment.

Sean’s presentation is intended as a supplement to an existing or developing company safety program. Health and safety professionals can utilize his inspirational message in initiating a new, or clarifying and expanding a current safety plan.

Sean was the opening keynote speaker for The Pennsylvania Governor's Safety and Health Conference in October 2005.